20 - FTP Sessions


The cPanel FTP Session interface shows current users, which are logged in to website through FTP. This interface is helpful and it helps you to terminate unwanted connections with one click.

To access this feature, click FTP Sessions link from the Files section of cPanel.

FTP Sessions

It will open an interface in which it will show the current users who are logged into your site. If no user has logged in, it will display the message that no users have logged in.

FTP Connetions

Here it will show the following information −

User Displays username of logged in user liptanxy
Logged in Form Displays IP address or hostname of user’s system
Login Time Displays Login Time of User Thu Jan 21 13:50:03 2016
Status Displays Sessions status IDLE
Process ID System’s FTP Session Process ID 203299
Actions Terminate the connection Disconnect

Terminate a FTP Connection

If you think that any user is not doing any activity and is in IDLE mode for a long time, or if you think a user is uploading a very large file, or doing something malicious, you can terminate the connection by clicking the disconnect button from Actions. You will see the following prompt.

Disconnect FTP Connetions

Click on Disconnect “User”, and user’s FTP connection will be terminated instantly.

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